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Guy and the 2o'clock club is an organic group of musicians that formed over their shared passion for funk music. Through their work, they pay tribute to the greats. From Sly and the family Stone to George Clinton and P-Funk and so many in-between. They have command of this genre that keeps audiences on their feet. They make a walk down memory lane a funky experience with a real grasp on the current musical trends. This band guarantees the ultimate funky good time.


-- Mini-review of Guy & the 2 O'Clock Club At The Avenue Bakery --
Baltimore, MD (6-1-2019)

I decided to take a little trip to B-Mo to check out the funk of Guy NowChild Curtis & The 2 O'Clock Club.
At 5:40pm, the band started their 2nd set with Parliament's "Up For the Down Stroke". Funky as it was, better was the performance of Bootsy's Rubber Band's "I'd Rather Be With You" -- a slow-cooker of a funk jam with Guy on lead vocals, spaced-out synthesizer riffing and some orgasmic bass riffing by Terre Holland! "Cosmic Slop" was a funk-rock jam with lead guitar soloing by Joe Farace. I loved the dueling lead guitar work between Joe and Guy, and the trumpet riffs were HOT!! "(Not Just) Knee Deep" was good, as was the performance of a slow-tempoed Pharrell song [sorry, I don't know the name of it]--but the shredding lead guitar solo (on the Pharrell song) was the definite highlight! "Smiling Again" (originally by Sly & The Family Stone) was very nice. The last song "Hot Fun in the Summertime" sounded perfect and definitely fit in with the hot Saturday late afternoon/early evening. And every fan sang along with the chorus, as well. At 6:50pm, the 2nd set was over.
Guy “Nowchild” Curtis is the founder and leader of the funk band: “Guy and The 2 O’Clock Club (G2C).” He is renowned both stateside and abroad as a talented funk guitarist and drummer as well as a serious vocalist and producer—who remains the only left handed drummer ever to tour with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins to date.
While Guy has toured and played many concerts from the Forum and House of Blues in L.A. to the Zeleste in Spain—and done studio work and performed on the same stages with global artists the likes of Stevie Wonder and Sheila E, and Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers).....G2C is his longtime vision coming to fruition with a number of seasoned artists in and from the DMV paying homage to one of Guy’s earliest music mentors: Sylvester “Sly” Stewart and the icons who made up his band, The Family Stone.
G2C is a fresh and funky tribute to Sly’s legacy, his music and his style.....who Guy salutes as one of the “greatest-of-all-time” bands in American music history that helped change and shape a new generation of American music culture in the sixties.
Review of Joe Keyes & the Late Bloomer Band, with Guy & the 2 O'Clock Club Band @ The Ottobar - Baltimore (11-3-2018)
OH-what a FUN, FUNKY night in B-MO (Baltimore, MD)!!
The evening started with an unusual occurrence. There was a blackout that around 9:15pm that took over a 2 block radius around the Ottobar. The staff had some backup lights in the bar, so it wasn't completely dark inside... plus, music was playing over the speakers. At 10:10pm, the power was restored to the bar (although the area surrounding the bar outside was still dark) -- the darkness lasted past 1:45am [when I departed that part of Baltimore to head back to the hotel].
Guy NowChild Curtis & the 2 O'Clock Club started their set at 10:25pm with some straight-up SWEATY FONK of James Brown's "Doin' It to Death" ...funky enough that someone had to let the front door open to let some fresh air (and the saxophone solo was HOT, too)! WHEW!!  The band went into the intro to "I Want to Take You Higher", before getting DEEPER into the funk pot with the Sly Stone favorite "High on You", featuring the odorious bass lines of Terre Holland & spicy organ riffing -- punctuated by funky horns & megatron bass intro!! (Did I say, "It's too Funky in Here? Give me some air!") The funk groove slowed a bit for "Family Affair" with nice synthesizer riffing by Guy, tight drumming, trumpet & sax spotlights, and funky rhythm guitar lines. The fans participated in a little sing-a-long here.
The female vocalist took over for a tribute to Aretha Franklin with "Dr. Feelgood" and she did a wonderful job on this bluesy tune. The synthesizer riffing (}by Guy NowChild Curtis) and saxophone solo started out the next song "If You Want Me to Stay" , which included a familiar ad-lib from a George Clinton song "Kickback" (also on Treylewd's "The Next Thing You Know"). Guy NowChild Curtis and the fellas paid tribute to Baltimore's fallen P-Funk soldier, P-Funk Dre Giles. The next song was a slow-tempo song that i wasn't familiar with.
The band then performed one of the best P-Funk slow jams ever ... "I'd Rather Be With You" (BOOTSY COLLINS) -- all the fans joined in singing the song. After a few minutes, the band jumped into this NASTY FUNK-ROCK groove that shook the foundation of the Ottobar so hard that Washington, DC was feeling the tremors ... Terre Holland let out the WETTEST, ORGASMIC BASS LINES ever heard!!! I needed a towel after that song... and so did everyone else!!!!
The band played the music of "Knee Deep" with vocals doing some raps on it. The festive piano riffing started the last song of the set, "Hot Fun in the Summertime" a nice funky mid-tempo song with the fans singing the chorus. The Guy & the 2 O'Clock Club set was over at 11:45pm.